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EEA - Bus Safety

Policy EEA

Adopted: November 2, 2017
Amended: N/A

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The Hopkinton Public School District is committed to the safe operation of all school buses. To maintain safe conditions for school bus transportation, the Principals, Transportation Coordinator, Bus Dispatcher, and Bus Drivers together take precautions, including: holding yearly evacuation drills, instructing children in proper boarding and exiting from a school bus, and instructing children in safe conduct when riding a bus.

The district’s transportation program meets all state standards for school buses and all state requirements for the approval of bus drivers, including Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) clearance.

The primary responsibility of a bus driver is to conduct the bus in a safe manner consistent with all laws, regulations, and stipulations of the contract between the Hopkinton Public Schools and the bus company. Specifically:

  • The driver shall keep a copy of these procedures in a conspicuous place on each bus.
  • The driver shall assure that students wait for a signal from the driver to board after the bus comes to a complete stop and the red lights are flashing.
  • The driver shall assure that students cross in front of the bus under his/her direction.
  • The driver shall not move the bus until all students are seated on the bus or are safely on the side of the street.
  • The driver shall be responsible for discipline on the bus and shall report any misconduct that would impair safe operation of the bus by filling out a “Bus Conduct Report” form.
  • The driver shall not leave the bus unattended with students aboard.
  • The driver shall check the bus at the end of each bus run to make sure that no students remain on the bus.

Bus Accidents

The Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee shall provide written procedures for the Bus Dispatcher, Bus Drivers, and School Administration that ensure appropriate safety protocols in the event of a bus accident.

The driver shall follow emergency plans in the event of an accident:

  • Immediately notify the Bus Dispatcher who will notify the police, the Transportation Coordinator, and the principal of the school who has students on the bus.
  • Direct students to stay on the bus or oversee evacuation, depending on the circumstance.
  • Follow the direction of the police and fire department personnel when they respond to the accident.

A driver involved in an accident where there are injuries requiring transfer to a hospital and/or the towing of the bus, will be automatically placed on administrative leave with pay for the next 24 hours pending results of drug and alcohol testing and investigation by the Superintendent’s Office.

The responding school administrator may release a child who was riding on a bus involved in an accident to a parent/guardian upon the parent’s presentation of proper identification.

Parents of any injured students are to be notified immediately by the Principal or a designated representative. The Principal will notify parents/guardians of students who are riding on the bus that is involved in an accident in a letter or email message when the accident is defined as a collision with another vehicle, object, or pedestrian that causes significant damage, injury or death. Principals are not required to notify parents/guardians after an accident that results in minor damage such as a mirror torn off or a dent in the bumper and produces no injuries or causes a significant delay.

No information is to be given to the media except through the Superintendent's office.

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