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DBD - Budget Planning

Policy DBD

Adopted: October 2, 2014
Amended: N/A

The budget of the school district is an outline of a program of education, in accordance with the school district’s Strategic Plan, stated in fiscal terms extending over various lengths of time. Groundwork for budget planning is established throughout the year by groups doing planning, research, analysis and evaluation. For most effective planning, spending programs must be projected into the future for more than one year at a time.

Well-defined alternative programs and their costs must be prepared so that intelligent decisions can be made, which will provide a highly effective education for every student. All planning should be a product of all the human resources available to the school district and reflect the most advanced thinking of the times.

The School Budget will be presented to the School Committee in the format agreed upon by the School Committee. This format shall include but not be limited to a multi- year forecast of expenses and revenues where possible, specific breakdown of expenses to include gross expense and all revenue sources by line item, and explanation of the use of revolving accounts. Non-incremental budgeting will be utilized when developing expense budgets.

The School Committee approved School Budget will be included in the Town Meeting warrant to be voted upon by the members of the Town Meeting as one total.

The School Committee and Superintendent will provide information and opportunities for the public to provide input about the budget through public forums, State of the Schools, Public Hearing, and School Committee meetings.

Adapted Reference:

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