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DBC - Budget Deadlines and Schedules

Policy DBC

Adopted: October 2, 2014
Amended: N/A

Preparation of the annual budget will be scheduled to comply with the Town Charter and provide the School District with the best opportunity to prepare the educational plan for the following school year.

The calendar year for budget preparation will be determined in accordance with the town budget calendar and the Town Charter.

In reaching its decision on the budget amount that it will submit to the Town Manager, the School Committee will also observe the statutory requirement of holding a public hearing on the proposed budget not less than seven days after the notice for this hearing has been published in a local newspaper.

The School Committee, in accordance with Town Charter, will approve and submit a budget to the Town Manager no later than February 1 prior to the annual Town Meeting.

Publication of the final budget will be made available to the public not later than one week prior to the annual Town Meeting.

Established by law and charter.

Legal References:
MGL 71:38N
Hopkinton Town Charter
Adapted Reference:
MASC Model Policies

School Committee Policies