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English Language Education

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English Language Education (ELE)


The ELE program is comprised of students in Hopkinton Public Schools who are multilingual learners. Multilingual learners refers to all children and youth who are, or have been, consistently exposed to multiple languages. It includes students known as English learners (ELs) or dual language learners (DLLs); heritage language learners; and students who speak varieties of English or indigenous languages. 

Adapted from “Guiding Principles of Language Development.” WIDA, The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, 2019,


The ELE program provides instruction in English language development for eligible multilingual learners. There are currently three English language education program options in Massachusetts. All three program options include instruction in English for speakers of other languages (ESoL). Sheltered English Immersion is the only program option that is offered in Hopkinton Public Schools at this time.

  1. Sheltered English Immersion (SEI): SEI programming includes sheltered content instruction, delivered in the classroom by SEI endorsed classroom/content teachers.

  2. Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE): TBE programming includes core content instruction in a language other than English, which is phased out over time in favor of core content instruction in English. TBE programs can be initiated at any grade level.

  3. Two-Way Immersion (TWI): TWI programming includes core content instruction in English and in a language other than English to promote bilingualism. TWI programs must begin in PreK/K and may continue through the secondary level.


While the ELE department office is housed in Hopkinton Middle School, there are eight ESoL classrooms located throughout the five schools in the district.  English language development occurs in all content classrooms throughout the district for multilingual learner students in the ELE program, as well as through specialized small group instruction in the ESoL classroom for students in grades 1-12.  



ESoL classes are included as part of the regular school day for students in the ELE program.  All ESoL classes are instructed by teachers who are licensed to teach English to multilingual learners.  

  • In preschool and kindergarten, ESoL teachers join content classrooms multiple times per week to instruct multilingual learners in the ELE program within the classroom environment.

  • In grades 1-5, ESoL teachers instruct multilingual learners of similar English language development levels in small groups during the school day at the same time as English language arts instruction is occurring in the content classroom. Thus, ESoL instruction for multilingual learners will coordinate with classroom content instruction so that students will have the benefit of both English language development and English content instruction.

  • In grades 6-12, ESoL will be a regularly occurring course in the schedule of a multilingual learner student in the ELE program.  


The ELE program in Hopkinton Public Schools recognizes the benefits of multilingualism and the many assets of our multilingual learner student population. ELE program eligibility is not based on academic performance, rather the ELE program celebrates students who use a language other than English and works with these students to effectively access the English language needed to perform successfully in content area classes. As the English language skills used for classroom success can be very different from those used for social or home interactions, the ELE program works toward English language skills in both these areas.


To be eligible for the ELE program, a student must...

  1. have regular exposure to a language other than English in the home or with a caregiver, as identified through the home language survey completed at the time of registration  - AND -

  2. meet a qualifying score on an assessment of English language proficiency, legally required to be given to all students whose parents/guardians identify a language other than English on the home language survey

To exit the ELE program, a student must…

  1. meet a qualifying score on the WIDA ACCESS assessment of English language proficiency, administered annually in January  - AND -

  2. demonstrate the ability to perform grade level class work successfully in English

Fact & Figures

  • More than 50 different languages are currently used by students in Hopkinton Public Schools.  
  • The most frequently used home language among students in the ELE program is English.
  • Students in the ELE program use 36 different languages in addition to English.
  • The top 5 languages, other than English, used by students in the ELE program are Telugu, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, and Russian.
  • Approximately two-thirds of the students in the ELE program were born in the United States

Parent Resources

English Learner Parent Advisory Council (ELPAC)

Hopkinton Public Schools will establish a parent advisory council for parents of students in the ELE program in the 2019-20 school year.  Stay tuned for further information and updates.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes for Adults in the surrounding area

“How to” Documents

Seal of Biliteracy

MA Seal of Biliteracy

Hopkinton Public Schools values the linguistic diversity of our school community and appreciates the dedication and commitment involved in advanced language study. To recognize the assets of multilingualism and to promote sustained English language, heritage language, native language, and world language learning, Hopkinton Public Schools is participating in the Massachusetts Seal of Biliteracy program. Through this program, graduating seniors have the opportunity to earn the MA Seal of Biliteracy or the MA Seal of Biliteracy with Distinction, noted on the student transcript and affixed as a seal on the diploma, awarding demonstrated achievement of distinguished proficiency in English and an additional language. The Seal of Biliteracy is a nationally recognized award that certifies attainment of biliteracy skills to employers and universities. Moreover, earning the Seal of Biliteracy demonstrates Hopkinton Public Schools’ commitment to the promotion of skills necessary for community relations and global communication in the 21st century.

Qualifications to earn the MA Seal of Biliteracy

MA Seal of Biliteracy

Score of Proficient on the grade 10 ELA MCAS AND Score of Intermediate-High on a state-designated language proficiency assessment in a language other than English



MA Seal of Biliteracy with Distinction

Score of Advanced on the grade 10 ELA MCAS AND Score of Advanced-Low on a state-designated language proficiency assessment in a language other than English


If you have earned a Grade 10 ELA MCAS score of Proficient or above and have proficiency, both oral and literate, in a language other than English, please apply for the MA Seal of Biliteracy program through this link: Seal of Biliteracy Program Application. By applying, you will be assessed for proficiency in a language other than English to determine if you qualify for the MA Seal of Biliteracy or the MA Seal of Biliteracy with Distinction. At this time, the following languages have state-approved assessments for Seal of Biliteracy eligibility: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.  Other languages will be assessed through a portfolio.

We are excited to bring the MA Seal of Biliteracy award to Hopkinton Public Schools, and we hope that you will consider applying for this prestigious recognition of advanced language and literacy learning. 

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