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HPS is committed to stamping out bullying, bias,

and racism in our school community.



       AC - Non-Discrimination 

       JICFB - Bullying Prevention and Intervention

       ACAB - Sexual Harassment


  • If you have experienced or witnessed behavior counter to these policies, please read on to learn more about how to address it (bullying definition, harassment definition, school issue escalation policy).

  • If you believe you have experienced or witnessed bullying as defined by MGL, use this form to report an incident and trigger an investigation.


Hopkinton Public Schools Bullying Prevention & Intervention Report Form



Together, we can continue to build and maintain a school environment

where every child feels safe, seen, supported, and able to learn.



NOTE:  This has been revised for general distribution (6/14/20)

WHEREAS, as schools have the responsibility to equip students with their civil right of obtaining a free and appropriate public education, it is the responsibility of each school to ensure we create a welcoming community for ALL students; and

 WHEREAS, it is the responsibility that every district provide to all district staff, including School Committee members annual professional development on diversity, equity and inclusion; and

WHEREAS, every district will commit to recruiting and retaining a diverse and culturally responsive teaching workforce; and

 WHEREAS, every district will examine their policies for institutional and systemic racialized practices and implement change with sustainable policies that are evidence based; and

WHEREAS, every district will incorporate into their curriculum the history of racial oppression and works by black authors and works from diverse perspectives; and

WHEREAS, we as school district leaders can no longer remain silent to the issues of racism and hate that continue to plague our public and private institutions; 

 RESOLVED: that Hopkinton Public Schools and all the school districts in the Commonwealth must guarantee that racist practices are eradicated, and diversity, equity and inclusion is embedded and practiced for our students, families, faculty and staff. 

We must ensure our own school culture and that of every district in the Commonwealth is anti-racist, that acknowledges that all lives cannot matter until black lives matter.