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Marathon Elementary School

Front View Marathon Elementary

Marathon Elementary School (PK-1):  Newly built and opened in 2018, the Marathon School houses students from Preschool through 1st Grade.  The 97,000sq ft LEED green certified building boasts two playgrounds, a library/media center, and a modern music room.   Click here to be directed to the Marathon School welcome page.

Elmwood Elementary School

Front of Elmwood School building

Elmwood Elementary School (2-3):  Elmwood Elementary school houses students in Grades 2 and 3.  Students at Elmwood have opportunities to participate in events like “Kenya Day” where they meet the Kenyan runners of the Boston Marathon and the “Wee Deliver” program which enables students to have a working role in a functioning school post office.  The school mascot is an Eagle named “Swoops”. Click here to learn more about Elmwood Elementary.  

Hopkins Elementary School

Winter of Hopkins

Hopkins Elementary School (4-5):  The Hopkins school houses students in grades 4 and 5.  Considered the “upper” elementary school, Hopkins continues to build on students’ core elementary education while engaging children in extracurricular offerings and adding options for instrumental music and chorus.  In addition, Hopkins students begin to experience specialized instruction in team structures with dedicated subject matter teachers. An annual highlight at Hopkins is the Fifth Grade Talent Show, typically held in early spring.  Click here to learn more about the Hopkins Elementary School.  

Hopkinton Middle School


Hopkinton Middle School (HMS, 6-8):  Students in grades 6 through 8 attend Hopkinton Middle School. During these formative years, students learn to collaborate with one another, navigate a rotating schedule, engage in higher-order thinking skills, and advocate for themselves. With over 25 clubs, 14 athletic teams, and a variety of performing arts and special events, the HMS student body is highly involved both inside and outside the classroom!  For more information about HMS and available programs, click here.

Hopkinton High School

Front image of Hopkinton High School

Hopkinton High School (HHS, 9-12):  Consistently boasting top rankings among all high schools in the State of Massachusetts, HHS is home to 1200+ students, a 14:1 teacher-to-student ratio, and a graduation rate of 98 percent.  HHS offers more than 120 academic courses, including more than 20 AP offerings, 72 athletic teams, and over 50 extracurricular clubs. Click here to find more information about HHS. 

Keefe Regional Vocational Technical School

Front of Keefe Tech High School

Keefe Regional Vocational Technical School (Keefe Tech, 9-12): Offering a blend of college preparatory and vocational education courses with opportunities for professional certification and accreditation while in high school, Keefe Tech presents a great choice for students who will thrive in an applied learning setting that can provide engagement and a focus on a vocation while pursuing other educational goals.