• Hopkinton Bullying Prevention and Intervention


    The Hopkinton Public Schools celebrates the fact that legislation requires the implementation of a comprehensive anti-bullying plan in every district. This aligns with our commitment to creating a safe, inclusive, supportive learning community for all students.

    The formal prevention and intervention plan outlines definitions, procedures, roles, and responsibilities, and is intended to help families understand where they can get support and seek resolution.   While this document focuses on reportable concerns that may rise to the level of bullying, we want families, students, and staff to know that even when there are questions about what does and what doesn’t constitute bullying, families should reach out to counseling and administrative staff to get social, emotional, and behavioral support for any concerns they may have about their student.

    Our highest priority is to create an atmosphere in which students will grow and thrive.


    Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan(Pending School Committee Approval)

    Bullying Prevention Reporting Report Form