How Hopkinton High School is contributing to Massachusetts Leading the Nation

    Hopkinton High School is committed to providing programs and opportunities that foster collaboration throughout the community.  It is through collaboration that the diverse backgrounds and strengths that exist within Hopkinton can be interwoven to create a comprehensive learning experience. This belief is evidenced by the creation of new programs such as our Unified Track program which will begin competing this spring as well as the further expansion and development of our Robotics Team, which has continued to flourish in the last year. Our school-wide initiatives also reflect the desire to maximize our collective strengths. For example, all teachers at HHS will participate in multiple peer observations, both inside and outside their discipline, over the course of the school year. This will enable educators to learn from one another and continue to hone their craft. Hopkinton High School also understands that the social-emotional health and overall well-being of our students and staff is of the highest priority; extensive work has been done to educate all members of the school community on the benefits of mindfulness. Through the acquisition of these strategies and techniques, our community will be able to learn how it can assist in their development not just as lifelong students but as balanced professionals as well.