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HHS Music Electives

Except as noted these electives are open to all students regardless of prior experience

Music Technology and Sound Production

Open to Grades 9-12
Semester Chorus -- 2.5 Credits
Prerequisites: None
How can technology be used to make music? This course is designed to give students the opportunity to be involved in music on a nonperformance basis. Students will be introduced to digital recording, looping, mixing and composition. Projects will include writing short songs, creating a film score and a cover or re-mix of a song. No prior experience necessary.

History of Pop and Rock 

Open to Grades 9-12
Semester Chorus -- 2.5 Credits
Prerequisites: None
Have you ever been curious about the origins of pop and rock music? This course is a survey of popular music in America presented through recordings and historical performance videos. Students discover and hear the great artists of these musical styles.

Acoustic Guitar Workshop

Open to Grades 9-12
Semester Chorus -- 2.5 Credits
Prerequisites: None

This introductory course is designed for students with little or no experience in guitar. Students will learn strum patterns, chords, progressions, notation and basic music theory for the guitar. Students do not need to provide their own guitars.

Acoustic Guitar Workshop II

Open to Grades 9-12
Semester Chorus -- 2.5 Credits
Prerequisites: Acoustic Guitar Workshop I or Music Teacher's Approval
This course is for those of you who already have experience playing guitar. You will further develop left and right hand technique as well as learn about musical terms and theory. Please contact the teacher for further details.

AP Music Theory

Open to Grades 11-12
This class is for students who are seriously considering studying music at the collegiate or professional level.  AP Music Theory is a year-long class and students are expected to take the AP Music Theory Exam at the end of the year.


Ensemble Classes

Ensemble classes are 2 semester classes and receive 2.5 credits per semester.


There are two sections of chorus: Mixed Chorus and Women's Chorus. The two sections combine for performances. To hear what chorus students have to say about the class visit http://hopkinton.k12.ma.us/Page/5108

String Orchestra

For more info visit the High School String Orchestra page

Symphonic Band

For more info visit the High School Bands page

Concert Band 

Concert Band is open to students by audition. Students who have previously been in Concert Band do not need to audition.  All other students must audition for placement in the group. Positions are limited by instrumentation.  For more info visit the High School Bands page

Additional Ensembles:

*Students are required to be enrolled in an ensemble to participate in these groups. These ensembles are non-credit and will perform at concerts, festivals and events. Students in ensemble classes are also eligible to audition for the CDMMEA District and All-State Band, Chorus, and Orchestra.
Noteworthy (vocal group)
Jazz Lab
Men's Chorus
Hoop Band
Pit Orchestra