Honors Engineering (H)   

    Open to: Grades 9 – 12

    Semester Course

    Prerequisites: None

    2.5 credits

    Engineering students will exercise a higher level of thought while employing the engineering design process in collaborative teams. Creativity will flourish through production of various types of fun and competitive projects. The projects will include but are not limited to: Structures, Toys, “Rube Goldberg” Machines, and projects that benefit outside groups (example: First Responders). Local Engineers serving as mentors will contribute to the course by discussing design options with students.

    Honors Sustainable Engineering (H)                       Semester course

    Open to:  Grades 9-12 2.5 Credits

    Prerequisites:  None


    Students will develop solutions to real-world global problems using the engineering design process. All members of the course will collaborate to focus on the UN’s Global Goals: Sustainable world, Clean and sustainable energy, Food waste management, Food supply, Ocean acidification remediation, and other global issues. Students will work in teams to identify root causes of problems, ideate solutions and fabricate functional prototypes. Students will be encouraged to design solutions that can have an immediate impact in our local community.

    Fab Lab (3D Design and Fabrication)                      Semester Course

    Open to:  Grades 9-12                                                     2.5 Credits

    Prerequisites:  None


    Fab Lab is an interdisciplinary course that will encourage students to learn using an art and engineering design thought process.  Students will work with a variety of software options and materials in a hands on approach, as well as, learning to use various technologies such as 3-D printers, laser cutters, and computerized cutting systems.  This collaborative course will begin by experimenting with a series of methods and materials and culminate in each student working with an outside “customer” to produce a design and/or prototype that assists others. This course will serve those interested in: Art, Architecture, Engineering, Sculpture, 3D Design, Fabrication.

    Robotics                                                                Semester Course

    Open to:  Grades 9-12                           2.5 credits

    Prerequisites – None


    Robotics students will use the engineering design process to design, build and program robots to accomplish competitive tasks similar to robots used throughout the world. Using LEGO MINDSTORMS components, students will learn problem-solving, communication, and teamwork skills. Students will program their robots to autonomously complete tasks.  The programming language and robotics kits used in this class are designed to allow all skill levels (novice - expert) to learn at an appropriate level.

    Honors Team Robotics (CP option)                                Two Semester Course

    *Honors students required to attend at least 2 ‘out of’ school weekend interscholastic events

    Open to:  Grades 9-12                                2.5  Credits per semester

    Prerequisites – None


    Students will engage in exciting interscholastic robotics competitions (VEX VRC) as part of HHS Hopkinetics Robotics. Students will work in small collaborative teams to design, build and program robots that are focused on the current VEX challenge. Students will acquire and utilize the following skills:  Engineering design, Leadership, Project management, CAD, Electronics, Programming, Fabrication, Failure analysis, Field preparation, Presentation and Writing.  Once you enroll in this course, you will be hooked and want to spend more time in the shop. The programming language and robotics kits used in this class are designed to allow all skill levels (novice - expert) to learn at an appropriate level.  VEX Robotics is recognized globally by educational institutions and industry. VEX scholarships are available. This course may be repeated as each year brings a different VEX challenge.

    HHS TV + Video                                               Semester Course

    Open to:  Grades 9-12                                                       2.5 credits

    Prerequisites:  None


    Students will develop skills needed to create television programming and corporate video.  Working in teams, students will study all aspects of Video Production: conceptualizing,  writing, producing, directing, shooting and editing.  Using professional grade cameras, equipment and editing tools, students will produce work they are proud of in this semester long course. Content produced will be featured on the HHS Today News program (viewed by all members of the HHS community), be included on the course's HHS-TV YouTube channel and aired on HCAM (Hopkinton's local television channels). Production genres include news, drama, sports, comedy, issues, and arts; and will also allow students to translate their personal creative visions into short videos.


    Cooperative Business & Marketing         Semester Course

    Open to:  Grades 9-12 2.5 credits

    Prerequisites:  None


    Students will engage in communication, leadership, and community connections while using business, and marketing skills to be successful. Teams of students will partner with Hopkinton based organizations outside the classroom to help promote and grow these organizations. Students will leverage traditional media and current forms of social media to help in their efforts to promote and grow Hopkinton organizations.


    Media Communications                                            Semester Course

    Open to:  Grades 9-12                                                       2.5 Credits

    Prerequisites:  None


    Explore your star potential and become the next media sensation as you learn to communicate in innovative ways!  Students will create their own audio and video talk, music, and topical programs as they learn to write, record, edit, mix, and master a variety of digital formats. Student crafted work will be distributed on global social media outlets such as YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.  Student productions will also be featured through local outlets such as WHPS and HCAM.

    Mobile Application Development Semester Course

    Open to: Grades 9 – 12, 2.5 Credits

    Prerequisites: None

    Students will develop mobile applications using newly acquired computer programming skills. Students using MIT App Inventor will learn how to plan, design, and create their own Android-based apps (Android device provided) that can be used on smartphones and tablets. Students will compete in the App of the Month contest (appinventor.mit.edu/explore/app-month-program.html), as well as upload their apps to the Google Play store for other app users to download and enjoy.


    Game Design Semester Course

    Open to:  Grades 9-12        2.5 credits

    Prerequisites:  None


    Students will learn the theory and practice of video game design and programming. Students will learn the skills necessary to have a game of their design run in real time, using computer graphics, human interaction, computer software and hardware.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to take a creative thought and bring it to life through a game that others will enjoy.


    AP Computer Science Principles Two Semester Course

    Open to:  Grades 10-12     2.5 credits per semester

    Prerequisites:  1 Recommendation by a Tech/Engineering or Math or Science Teacher


    AP Computer Science Principles introduces students to the central ideas of computer science, inviting students to develop the computational thinking vital for success across multiple disciplines.  The course is unique in its focus on fostering students to be creative and encouraging students to apply creative processes when developing computational artifacts.  Students will design and implement innovative solutions using an iterative process similar to what artists, writers, computer scientists, scientists and engineers use to bring ideas to life.


    Web Page Design  

    Open to: Grades 9 - 12

    Semester Course

    Prerequisites: None

    2.5 credits


    Web Page Design introduces students to the World Wide Web and to the web page design and creation process. Using current editing tools, students will convert their visions into websites they will be proud to display. Students will make their pages and sites responsive and mobile-friendly.  Students will be encouraged to take on projects that benefit groups outside of the classroom. All student projects will be hosted on the school’s web server.


    HHS Student Help Desk                    Semester Course

    Open to: Grades 11-12 with above average level of technical competency.  Approval required

    2.5 credits


    HHS Student Help Desk is a hands-on study of technology integration in an educational context.  Students will be required to assess problems throughout the day and define the best approach to addressing or solving the problem.  In addition to solving problems for students and teachers, students will be required to complete and maintain several running projects that address technology topics, problems, or solutions that are relevant to the school environment.  The course requires students to have a prior understanding of one or more of the following:  Apple OS, Microsoft Windows OS, and the iPad iOS.