• Marathon Elementary School

    Grades K-1

    Building Curriculum Accommodation Plan (BCAP)


    The purpose of the Building Curriculum Accommodation Plan (BCAP) is to outline the strategies and resources available to Center School teachers and Specialists to differentiate instruction that meets the diverse learning profiles of our students. 

    As stated by the MA DOE, the target areas for the DCAP are:

    1.     Strategies to assist regular education classroom teachers to help them analyze and accommodate various students’ learning needs, including students who are English Language Learners, and to manage students’ behavior effectively

    2.    Support services that are available to students through the regular education program

    3.    Direct and systematic instruction

    4.    Teacher mentoring and collaboration

    5.    Parental involvement in their children’s education


    Teacher Training and Strategies/Professional Development


    Learning Support Materials

    ·      UbD & Atlas Rubicon Curriculum development

    ·      SRSD Writing

    ·      K-5 Literacy Curriculum

    ·      K-5 enVision Math Program

    ·      Guided Reading Training

    ·      Responsive Classroom Training

    ·      Skill streaming Training

    ·      Differentiated Instruction

    ·      CPI Non-violent Crisis Intervention and Restraint Training

    ·      Technology Instruction and support

    ·      Response To Intervention (RTI)

    ·      Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

    ·      DIBELS training

    ·      English Language Education (ELE)

    ·      Behavior Strategies

    ·      Mentoring Program for first year teachers


    ·      Leveled Readers/Book Closet

    ·      Graphic Organizers such as story maps

    ·      Multi-sensory learning cues such as hand motions

    ·      Specialist OT supports (e.g.: grip pencils, special paper, etc.)

    ·      Home Packets to reinforce specific skills

    ·      Attention and Behavioral supports (e.g.: move and sit cushion, private workspace, etc.)

    ·      Visual Picture Schedules or task lists

    ·      Specialized Technology Integration and computer programs (e.g. Lexia, Writing with Symbols, BoardMaker,  Orchard Software, SMARTboard)

    ·      Handwriting without Tears

    ·      Universal Literacy Assessments

    ·      Differentiated Instruction (Product, Process and Content) to meet the needs of all learners


    Support Staff


    Student Support Systems

    ·      Principal

    ·      Asst. to Principal

    ·      Learning Support Team

    ·      Guidance Counselor

    ·      School Psychologist

    ·      Speech and Language Pathologists

    ·      Moderate and Intensive Special Needs Teachers

    ·      Occupational Therapist

    ·      Physical Therapist

    ·      Reading Specialists

    ·      Mathematics Tutor

    ·      ELL

    ·      Elementary Curriculum Director

    ·      Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

    ·      Autism Consultant

    ·      Nurse

    ·      Instructional Paraprofessionals

    ·      Library Media Specialist

    ·      Technology Integration Teacher

    ·      Responsive Classroom

    ·      Lunch Bunch with Counselor

    ·      Peer group work (fostering independence and social negotiations

    ·      Flexible Grouping

    ·      Intervention block

    ·      Differentiated Instruction

    ·      Study Carrels

    ·      Small group instruction (for extension and/or remediation)

    ·      Research based interventions

    ·      Supportive seating

    ·      Behavior management programs

    ·      Progress Monitoring

    ·      Weekly scheduled intervention blocks

    ·      Weekly scheduled PLC meetings

    ·      Bucket-fillers philosophy

    ·      Center School Core Values

    ·      Mnemonic devices

    ·      All School Meetings