• The Art Department at Hopkinton High School is far from ordinary with a faculty of 5 highly qualified, full time, practicing professionals and a curriculum of over 24 electives to choose from. The students at Hopkinton High School not only receive a rich academic education when they graduate but are also engrossed in Fine Art, Design, Photography, Ceramics, Computer Arts and Media Arts. Our students learn about art, art history, technique, resources, the elements & principals, studio etiquette, problem solving, and how art plays a role in our everyday lives.

    The Art Wing at Hopkinton High School is a place where everyone can flourish. Currently we have 5 classrooms dedicated to the arts: Ceramics Studio, Photography Lab, General Art Room, Computer Lab and Media Lab. We have classes of all different levels and for all different interests. We offer courses in the latest professional level design and animation software. Our faculty is dedicated to continuous learning and staying current within their own areas of expertise.

    Our hopes are that every student at Hopkinton High School has an opportunity to experience what we have to offer. These opportunities are rare and unique!