"The School Committee recognizes that Internet resources and various electronic tools including, but not 
    limited to, laptop and tablet computers, “smart” phones, and digital cameras change how information 
    may be created, accessed, communicated, and transferred. The School Committee supports the use of 
    the district’s network and electronic tools by both students and staff for educational purposes and it 
    recognizes that the District must assure that students develop the skills that are necessary to 
    appropriately and safely analyze, evaluate, and utilize such resources. The School Committee expects 
    that staff will blend thoughtful use of such information and tools throughout the curriculum and provide 
    guidance and instruction to students in the appropriate use of both, including adherence to copyright 
    and cyber‐bullying laws.

    The Hopkinton Public Schools shall not be liable for individual user’s inappropriate use of electronic 
    resources or violations of copyright restrictions, users’ mistakes, or negligence or costs incurred by