• Civil Rights and Protective Laws, Regulations, and Policies
    The Hopkinton Public Schools seeks to fully comply with all laws and regulations that pertain to the civil rights of our students, parents, and employees. The Hopkinton Public Schools also seeks to protect students, parents, and employees by rigorously complying with and enforcing laws, regulations, School Committee policies and administrative procedures pertaining to the health, safety, and well-being of all school community members.

    This web site provides important information and resources for all community members. We expect all employees to be familiar with its contents and we encourage our students, parents and other community members to frequent this site for information on law, policies, regulations, and school programs that support civil rights, safety, and health.

    Parents and students should refer to the High School and Middle School Handbooks for student disciplinary procedures and due process rights. The handbooks also detail discrimination complaint procedures and student rules of conduct that protect the rights of others. Parents of elementary school children should refer to material provided by the Principal regarding civil rights, student conduct, and protective laws and regulations.