High School Bands



    Performance Dates 18-19 (Times and dates subject to change)


    Course Outline


    Fundamental Objective

    In Hopkinton, students are afforded the opportunity to achieve excellence through musical performing groups, the Concert, Repertory and Pep Bands. Band is a major subject and not an activity. Through music, students learn to communicate effectively, make critical decisions, perform with confidence, pride and distinction, use their music knowledge to enhance their learning in other subjects, understand world cultures, and understand how music contributes to our daily lives.  Every student, with hard work and dedication, can achieve and perform at a truly superior level. In addition to becoming a better musician and increasing your musical education, the music department strives to instill discipline, responsibility, respect for others abilities, and pride in all students involved with the program.

    Units/Big Understandings

    Units will be based on the performance calendar. Students will glean knowledge through the study of the music on the page and through the study of the composer’s intent. Students will study various genres of music and apply that knowledge by making connections from one composition to another.


    Performances are a major part of the musical experience.  If a performance is missed without an excused absence, the term grade may be lowered by one full grade. Make up work is available for all students who miss a performance with an excused absence. Performance calendars are available through the Music Department Website and in a printed form from Mr. Hay.

    Extra Rehearsals

    Extra Rehearsals may be scheduled throughout the year. Students must make every possible attempt to attend.

    Cell Phones

    Cell phone tuners may be used however, if the phone is not being used for tuning it should be off and under the students chair.

    Extra Help Policy

    If any student is having trouble keeping up, I am available for extra help. Please schedule your extra help session with me directly.

    Grading Procedure

    Rehearsal Etiquette/Technique  40%

    Practice and Preparation 30% (In Class 20%. At Home 10%)

    Evaluation 30%

    Behavior Expectations

    Student integrity and behavior is held in the highest regard. Attitude is Everything. Students represent Hopkinton High School when they are performing and when they are in the audience. My expectation is that they will be the best performers and the most mature audience that they can be.