• Current Curriculum-Related Strategic Plan Initiatives
    The Curriculum Team is currently involved with several exciting district initiatives focusing on improving curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The following outlines our current and upcoming projects.
    •  Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum
      • Align English language arts and mathematics to common core standards
      • Study and adjust grade to grade articulation in English language arts, mathematics, and science
      • Conduct peer review of curriculum units
    • K-12 Writing
      • Align writing practices with the English language arts common core
      • Establish common protocols and tools for instructing and assessing writing
      • Develop writing rubrics in student friendly language
      • Provide professional development in writing instruction
    • Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering (STEM)
      • Align K-12 math curriculum with the common core standards
      • Align science curriculum with the next generation science standards
      • Investigate meaningful connection between the science, mathematics, and
        technology/ engineering program.
      • Develop additional STEM student experiences K-12.
    • World Languages
      • Expand current critical languages program (Mandarin Chinese)
      • Investigate program options for expanding the world languages program into middle and elementary grades
    • Balanced Assessments
      • Develop district Assessment Framework
      • Acquire tool to facilitate benchmark and common online assessment
      • Provide professional development in assessment (purpose, types, development, analysis, etc.)
      • Select and purchase a screening and progress monitoring math assessment
      • Create common assessments for each K-12 unit, including Curriculum Embedded Performance Assessments (CEPA)
      • Analyze assessments within online curriculum units for effectiveness and balance
      • Develop quality benchmark assessments
    • Interventions for Students
      • Adopt a district pyramid of interventions
      • Determine in each school what interventions are offered for each tier for struggling and students who need enrichment/extension
      • Select and purchase a screening and progress monitoring math assessment
    • Research Based Instructional Practices
      • Analyze current instructional practices across the district
      • Carry out regularly scheduled walk-throughs
      • Offer on-going professional development in research-based instructional practices and instruction related to the Educator Evaluation System
      • Create a multi-year professional learning plan
    Resources for Current Initiatives
    Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Technology Gantt Chart