Hopkinton Wellness Department
    Welcome to the Hopkinton Public School's Wellness Department.  At Hopkinton we are passionate about helping our students transition from adolescence to a successful and healthy adult, free of life-threatening ailments.  It is more challenging than ever to be a student in Massachusetts with the demands of MCAS, college applications, peer influence, and social media.  The Hopkinton school district is aware of the difficulties students encounter and provide programs that decrease stress and increase success. Using the MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey data to guide our curriculum, the Wellness Department focuses on teaching students the skills necessary to reduce participation in risky behaviors that are detrimental to future goals.  The Wellness model is an approach that focuses on the whole child. The Wellness Hexagon below represents the areas in which each student is able to assess their personal behaviors and set goals to improve their lives.
    Classes and lessons are created based on the National Health Education Framework, the SHAPE America National Physical Education Standards, and the MA Comprehensive Health Education Framework (which is currently being updated and revised to align with CORE standards).