• The Hopkinton Public Schools Educator Evaluation System

    This section of the HPS website will be dedicated to providing important resources to guide educators through the new Educator Evaluation System. Prior to being posted to this website, many of the documents and information on this site will be distributed to educators via email or during professional development programs. Educators can always return to this site to locate important information and to acquire updates.


    If you have questions about any aspect of the Educator Evaluation System, please ask your evaluator or school principal.  We will frequently design presentations and various reference materials around the questions generated by educators during this new implementation phase.



    Educator Evaluation Forms: Click here to access all the forms associated with our new Educator Evaluation System.



    Educator Evaluation Overview: This presentation provides a brief overview of the various components of the new Educator Evaluation System. Additional presentations provide more comprehensive explanations of key components.

    Self-Assessment: This presentation takes a closer look at the process that leads to self-assessment

    Educator Plans: This presentation takes a closer look at the four types of educator plans

    Performance and Impact on Student Learning Ratings: This presentation describes the two types of rating systems used in the new Educator Evaluation System.

    SMART Goals: This presentation helps educators to understand and generate quality SMART goals and includes samples of both a student learning goal and a professional practice goal.



    Please note: Educators will be evaluated on all elements included in the appropriate rubric.

    Rubric for Classroom Teachers – This rubric will be used by educators meeting the following definition: “Educators who teach preK-12 whole classes, and teachers of special subjects such as art, music, library, and physical education.” 

    Rubric for Specialized Instructional Support Personnel (SISP)This rubric will be used by educators meeting the following definition: “Educators who teach or counsel individual or small groups of students through consultation with the regular classroom teacher, for example, school nurses, guidance counselors, speech and language pathologists, and reading specialists and special education teachers.” 

    Nurses: Implementation Support for School Nurses – A Resource to Support ESE Model System Rubric for Specialized Instructional Support Personnel (SISP) -

    This document is intended to support the understanding and use of the SISP rubric as it applies to school nurses.

    Timeline for Evaluation System - This document identifies the key steps in the evaluation cycle and includes important tasks and completion deadlines. Activities/Tasks are color-coded to highlight roles and responsibilities for each task.

    Evaluation System Agreement This document is the section of the HTA contract that contains all the language pertaining to the new Educator Evaluation Process and Procedures as negotiated and signed June 2013.

     Appendix A - Evaluation Forms
     Appendix D - Evidence Collection Examples