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 Job #
 Title  Location
 17-01  Substitute Teachers, Nurses, Paraprofessionals  District
 17-48  Special Education Paraprofessional w/ABA  Center & Hopkins Schools
 17-52  Kindergarten Teacher; Long-Term Substitue  Center School
 17-53  Intensive Special Needs Teacher; Short-Term Subsitute  Middle School
 17-58  Special Education Paraprofessional; Short-Term Substitute  Elmwood School
 17-59a  Director of Finance & Operations  District
 17-60  Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA)  District
 17-61  Part-Time (.9) SpEd Paraprofessional w/ABA  Preschool
 17-62  Part-Time (.5) SpEd Paraprofessional(s) w/ABA  Preschool
 17-63  Elementary Guidance Counselor; Long-Term Substitute  Elmwood School
 17-64  Part-Time (.6) Music (Strings) Teacher; Short-Term Substitute  Middle School
 17-65  Part-Time (.2) Music (Strings) Teacher; Short-Term Substitue  Hopkins School
 17-66  SpEd Paraprofessional w/ABA  High School
 17-67  Dynamic Media (Digital Arts) Teacher; Short-Term Substitute  Middle School
 17-68  Technology/Engineering Teacher; Long-Term Substitute  High School
 17-EMPPT  Elementary Mathematics Preview Program Tutor(s)  Elmwood School

 17-VB  Varsity Baseball Coach  High School
 17-VGT  Varsity Girls' Tennis Coach  High School
 17-FLI  Foreign Language Interpreter(s)  District
 17-VS  Varsity Softball Coach  High School
 17-MST  Middle School Spring Track Coach(es)  Middle School