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Crisis Response Team 

Each of the five schools in Hopkinton has its own Crisis Response Team (CRT). Elmwood's Team consists of 9 dedicated individuals who have worked together for  years to prepare students and colleagues in the event of a crisis. Crises can take many forms, from a gas leak or loss of electrical power to a bus accident or intruder in the building. The CRT meets throughout the year to practice scenarios, discuss building safety issues, and familiarize everyone at Elmwood with the need to be vigilant regarding Elmwood visitors without identification. As a result of recommendations made by the CRT, our School Improvement Plan included the need to outfit Elmwood School with closed circuit TV monitors, a buzzer system for access into the building, and new locks for interior and exterior doors. If you have any suggestions, please bring them to our attention.

Elmwood CRT Members 

Anne Carver - Leader

Kathy Bain - Medical Issues Coordinator

Maureen Edgecomb - Counseling Coordinator

Jessica McPhail - Staff Notification and Communications Coordinator

Tom Keane - Crowd Management Coordinator

Paul Wright - Physical Plant Coordinator

Beth Callahan - Media Coordinator

Julia Page - Member

Click here for the Hopkinton Public Schools Crisis Response and Emergency Planning web page

Click here for a link to the Hopkinton Public Schools Emergency Guidelines.

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