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The art department offers an extensive program in both traditional and technology based visual arts. Please note new courses, prerequisites and changes in descriptions. Please consult with the art department or your guidance counselor for advice and recommendations.

A table summary of course offerings is included for reference. Visit the high school program of studies for full course descriptions.


Studio Art:
Studio Art I: Introduction to Art*
Studio Art II
Studio Art III
Studio Art IV
AP Studio Art

Computer Arts:
Digital Art*
Graphic Design*
Digital Photography HYBRID*
Smart Phone Photography HYBRID* NEW 2015-2016 SY

Photography I
Photography II
Photography III

Ceramics I: Introduction to Ceramics *
Ceramics II
Ceramics III
Ceramics IV

Art History:
AP Art History

Specialty Courses:
NEW: Fab Lab: 3D Design Studio*

*no prerequisite; open to all
HYBRID 3 class periods face to face, 2 class periods working in an online learning environment